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Adding a hidden web part to a wiki page

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I have a wiki library.  I have a custom web part that by default is hidden.  I add the web part to the page.  It works. 



Ok, that was fun, let’s remove it and get back to work. 

I edit the page again to remove it.  It’s not there.  But it is.  As in, I can see it doing it’s thing, but I can’t manipulate it in any way; can’t grab it by it’s chrome, can’t edit the properties, can’t even click it’s little context menu.  So where is it?  And more importantly, how do I get it off my page again?

Enter SharePoint Designer

If I open the page in Designer, I can find the wee fella.


So if I set the Hidden value to False, and save, I can now see my web part. 


Now I can get to the web part properties, and instead of making it hidden (which I can’t actually do, because it’s disabled), I can set the Chrome to None, thus achieving the same result.

So there solves the mystery of the hidden web part that was visible.

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