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Hiding the Newsfeed Settings in the Edit Profile Page (and a little on Profile Sub-Types)

I had a need to hide the Activities I am following section in the edit profile page.  The reason was, we did not want to roll this out initially, but we still needed the social framework for other stuff.

If you remember, when you go to the bottom of the Edit Profile page, you will see a section called Newsfeed Settings


Now, lets take a look at this section in central admin under Manage User Properties (under the User Profile Service Application management page). Hover over the Newsfeed Settings title and select Edit to edit it’s properties.


Here you will see that this section is associated with the Sub-type of Profile called Default User Profile Subtype


Trying to deselect this will throw an error, as it has to be associated with some Sub-type.  So lets create another sub-type.  From the Manage Sub-types page, we create a new Sub-type called No Newsfeed.



Now if we go back to edit the Newsfeed Settings section in Manage Properties, we can dis-associate this section from the Default User Profile Subtype.


Save everything and now go back to the Edit profile page (give it a minute to catch-up).  No more Activities I am Following section!

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